Deaths on April 5

1258 :Julian of Cornillon/Liege, Flemish visionary/saint, dies
1270 :Ramban Nachmanides, Talmudic scholar (Hiddushei Ha-Ramden), dies
1531 :Richard Roose, boiled to death for trying to poison an archbishop
1649 :John Winthrop, 1st governor Mass Bay Colony, dies at 61
1673 :Fran‡ois Caron, admiral/governor (Formosa), drowns at about 72
1684 :William Brouncker, 2nd viscount/1st pres of Royal Society, dies
1693 :Anne M L of Orl‚ans, duchess (Grande Mademoiselle), dies at 65
1695 :George Savile, 1st marquis of Halifax, dies at 61
1697 :Charles XI, King of Sweden (1660-97), dies at 41
1712 :John Luyken, poet/etcher (species company), dies at 63
1723 :J Fischer von Erlach, Austrian architect (Hofburg, Vienna), dies at 66
1732 :Johann Christian Schieferdecker, composer, dies at 52
1765 :Edward Young, English poet (Love of Fame), dies at 81
1794 :Georges-Jacques Danton, French revolutionary leader, guillotined at 34
1794 :Marie Jean H‚rault de S‚chelles, French author/politician, dies
1811 :Robert Raikes, founder of Sunday Schools, dies
1820 :Henrik C Cras, lawyer (Laudatio Hugonis Grotii), dies at 81
1871 :Georg Andreas Henkel, composer, dies at 66
1878 :Wilhelm Speyer, composer, dies at 87
1884 :John Wisden, publisher/cricketer (prominent Sussex player), dies
1896 :John Rogers Thomas, composer, dies at 66
1900 :Comte de Villebois-Marevil, French/S African general, dies in battle
1907 :Anton G van Hamel, founder (Roman philosphy in Neth), dies at 65
1908 :Gaetano Coronaro, composer, dies at 55
1918 :Paul Vidal de la Blanche, French geographer, dies at 73
1921 :Alphonsus J M Diepenbrock, Dutch composer (Missa), dies at 58
1922 :Charles F A Woeste, Belgian count/min of Justice, dies at 85
1923 :George Edward Stanhope Molyne£x Herbert, egyptologist, dies at 56
1928 :Jane Ellen Harrison, scholar/archaeologist, dies
1928 :Roy Kilner, cricketer (9 Tests for England 1924-26), dies at 38
1934 :Salvatore Di Giacomo, composer, dies at 74
1935 :Emil Mlynarski, composer, dies at 64
1939 :William Cooper, cricketer (two Tests for Australia 1882-84), dies
1944 :Isolde Kurz, German writer/poetess (Meine Mutter), dies at 90
1944 :Willy Derby, [Dieben], singer (Hello Bandoeng), dies
1945 :Huldreich Georg Fruh, composer, dies at 41
1946 :Vincent Millie Youmans, US composer (Tea For Two), dies at 47
1951 :Edward Rigby, dies at 72
1952 :Henri Vandeputte, Belgian writer (L'Autre Vie), dies at 75
1954 :Claude Delvincourt, composer, dies at 66
1958 :Jozef Brems, Flemish apostole vicar of Denmark, dies at 87
1960 :Alma Kruger, actor (Made For Each Other), dies at 88
1963 :Jacobus JP Old, architect/co-founder (The Style), dies at 73
1963 :Julius Harrison, composer, dies at 78
1964 :Douglas MacArthur, US general (Pacific theater-WW II), dies at 84
1966 :Sven Fleuron, writer, dies at 91
1968 :Lois Andrews, dies of lung cancer at 44
1969 :Gabriel M-E-R Chevallier, French author (La Peur), dies at 73
1969 :R¢mulo Gallegos, Venezuela author/president (1947-48), dies at 84
1970 :Jacob H "Jaap" Stotijn, oboist/conductor, dies at 78
1972 :Brian Donlevy, actor (Steve-Dangerous Assignment), dies at 73
1972 :Isabel Jewell, dies at 62
1974 :William Hudson, actor (I Led 3 Lives), dies at 49
1975 :Inez Courtney, dies at 67
1975 :Victor GM Marijnen, Dutch premier (1963-65), dies at 58
1976 :Howard Hughes, reclusive billionaire, dies at 72
1977 :John Marriott, dies at 83
1981 :Bob "Bear" Hite, rocker (Canned Heat), dies of a heart attack at 36
1981 :Cornelis Verolme, Dutch ship builder, dies at 80
1982 :Abe Fortas, Supreme court justice, dies at 71
1984 :Arthur Travors Harris, marshal of British RAF, dies
1984 :Theo Koomen, Dutch sportscaster, dies in auto-accident at 54
1985 :Tyrell Johnson, cricketer (WI left-arm quickie, one Test 1939), dies
1986 :Colin McCool, cricketer (14 Tests for Australia, 36 wkts), dies
1986 :Manly Wade Wellman, sci-fi author (Devil's Planet), dies at 82
1988 :Alf Kjellin, Swedish actor/director (Juggler), dies
1990 :Nico Scheepmaker, Dutch columnist/poet, dies at 59
1991 :John Tower, (Sen-R-Tx), dies in a plane crash at 65
1991 :Manley Lanier "Sonny" Carter Jr, USN/astro (STS 33), dies at 43
1992 :Anthony "Tony" Papa, big band leader, dies at 65
1992 :Sam Walton, Billionaire CEO (Wal-Mart), dies of cancer at 74
1992 :Samuel H Reshevsky, Polish/US chess grandmaster, dies at 80
1994 :Andre Victor Tchelistcheff, winemaker, dies at 92
1994 :Aubrey J Watson Sr, bishop, dies at 65
1994 :Marlon Riggs, US writer/director/producer (Ethnic notions), dies at 37
1994 :Roy Smeck, guitarist/banjoist, dies at 94
1995 :Christian Pineau, French politician, dies
1996 :Peter Nailor, civil servant/historian, dies at 67
1997 :Allen Ginsberg, beat poet, dies at 80
1997 :Alparslan Turkes, Turkish politician (MHP), dies



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