Historical Events and Current Affairs on August 24

xxxx :Mt. Vesuvius erupts, buries Pompeii & Herculaneum, 15,000 die
xxxx :Rome overrun by Visigoths, symbolized fall of Western Roman Empire
1215 :Pope Innocent III declares Magna Carta invalid
1217 :Battle at South Foreland: English fleet beats France
1349 :6,000 Jews, blamed for the Plague, are killed in Mainz
1349 :Jews of Cologne Germany set themselves on fire to avoid baptism
1391 :Jews of Palma Majorca massacred
1511 :Portugese troops under Afonso the Albuquerque occupy Malakka
1516 :Battle at Aleppo: Turks beat Syria
1542 :Conquistador Francisco de Orellana returns to Spain
1561 :Willem of Orange marries duchess Anna of Saxon
1572 :King Charles IX orders massacre of thousands of French Protestants
1608 :1st English convoy lands at Surat India
1654 :Louis II Condé disbands ends of Atrecht
1658 :Battle at Grevelingen: English fleet beats Spanish
1662 :Act of Uniformity requires English to accept book of Common Prayer
1682 :Duke James of York gives Delaware to William Penn
1690 :Job Charnock founds Calcutta India
1704 :Sea battle at Malaga
1751 :Thomas Colley executed in England for drowning supposed witch
1787 :Wolfgang A Mozart completes his viola sonata in A, K526
1814 :British forces captured Washington, DC, & burned down many landmarks
1826 :Netherland's South Willems Port (Bosch-Luik) opens
1828 :Dutch army takes Fort Du Bus in New Guinea
1831 :John Henslow asks Charles Darwin to travel with him on HMS Beagle
1833 :HMS Beagle reaches Bahia Blanca, Argentina
1847 :Charlotte Bronte finishes manuscript of Jane Eyre
1853 :1st potato chips prepared by Chef George Crum (Saratoga Springs NY)
1854 :National emigration convention meets in Cleveland
1858 :Richmond Daily Dispatch reports 90 blacks arrested for learning
1867 :J C Watson discovers asteroid #93 Minerva
1869 :Cornelius Swarthout patents waffle iron
1876 :Riot abolishes fairs in Amsterdam, 2 killed
1891 :Thomas Edison patents motion picture camera
1893 :Tornado destroys coast of Savannah & Charleston, about 1000 die
1903 :Max Wolf discovers asteroid #513 Centesima & #514 Armida
1904 :Field battle at Liao-Yang-200,000 Japanese against 150,000 Russian
1905 :Chicago Cubs beat Phillies 2-1 in 20 innings
1906 :Cincinnati Red John Weimer no-hits Dodgers, 1-0 in 7 inning game
1908 :NY Giants scores shown on electric diamonds known as Compton's
1908 :Tommy Burns KOs Bill Squires in 13 for heavyweight boxing title
1909 :Workers start pouring concrete for Panama Canal
1911 :Manuel d'Arriaga elected 1st president of Portugal
1912 :NYC ticker tape parade for Jim Thorpe & victorious US olympians
1912 :Territory of Alaska organizes
1912 :US passes Anti-gag law, federal employees right to petition govt
1914 :Battle at Bergen: Germans defeat Belgian/British troops
1914 :German troops occupy Namur Belgium
1914 :Jerome Kern & Michael E Rourles musical premieres in NYC
1918 :Chicago Cubs, win earliest pennent ever (season ended Sept 2)
1918 :Sect Baker grants extended exemption to World Series players
1919 :Cleveland pitcher Ray Caldwell is flattened by a bolt of lightning
1921 :Battle of Sakaray Valley begins between Turkey & Greece
1921 :British airship R-38 crashes in Humber, 44 die
1922 :1st Phillie to hit for cycle (Cy Williams)
1923 :Paavo Nurmi runs world record 3 mile (14:11.2)
1929 :Palestinians attack orthodox Jews in Jerusalem
1929 :Turkey & Persia signs friendship treaty
1931 :France & USSR sign neutrality/no attack treaty
1932 :1st transcontinental non-stop flight by a woman, Amelia Earhart
1933 :S Arend discovers asteroid #1313 Berna
1936 :Australian Antarctic Territory created
1936 :FDR gives FBI authority to pursuit fascists & communists
1936 :K Reinmuth discovers asteroid #2137 Priscilla
1937 :Republican offensive near Belchite Spain
1938 :England beat Australia by an innings & 579 runs at The Oval
1938 :organized ball-for Andalusia in an Alabama-Florida League game
1938 :Virgil Trucks strikes out his 418th batter, highest season total in
1939 :Germany & USSR sign 10-year non-aggression pact
1940 :loss to Detroit Tigers, Williams allows 3 hits & 1 run
1940 :Luftwaffe bombs London
1940 :Red Sox left fielder Ted Williams pitches the last 2 innings in a 12-1
1942 :Sea battle off Eastern Solomon Islands
1942 :Transport nr 23 departs with French Jews to nazi-Germany
1943 :Phila A's drop AL record tying 20th game in a row, win the 2nd game
1944 :Gen LeClercs troops open assault on Paris
1945 :Cleveland ace Bob Feller returns from Navy & strike out 12
1949 :North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) goes into effect
1950 :1st US Negro delegate to UN appointed-ES Sampson
1950 :Edith Sampson named 1st black US delegate to UN
1950 :Operation Magic Carpet concludes transporting 45,000 Yemenite Jews
1951 :Bill Veeck's Fans Managers' Night, Browns defeat A's 5-3; Browns
1951 :coaches hold up placards for fans to vote on
1954 :Communist Control Act passed, at height of McCarthyism
1954 :Eisenhower signs Communist Control Act, outlawing the Communist Party
1954 :International Amateur Athletic Federation recognizes Red China
1954 :William Heatherton's Reluctant Debutante, premieres in London
1956 :1st non-stop transcontinental helicopter flight arrived Wash DC
1957 :British soccer player Jimmy Greaves' (17) 1st game for Chelsea
1958 :Sergei Popov wins Stockholm marathon (2:15:17.0) (WR)
1959 :England complete 5-0 series drubbing of India
1959 :Hiram L Fong sworn in as 1st Chinese-American senator while Daniel
1959 :K Inouye sworn in as 1st Japanese-American Rep (Both from Hawaii)
1960 :-127°F (-88°C), Vostok, Antarctica (world record)
1960 :60 people die when bus plunges off bridge into Turvo River, Brazil
1961 :Former nazi leader Johannes Vorster becomes South Africa's minister
1961 :of justice (if the shoe fits...)
1961 :Windward Islands' Airways International (Winair) forms
1962 :a penicillin injection while in the clubhouse at the Polo Grounds
1962 :Dodger coach Leo Durocher suffers a near-fatal allergic reaction to
1962 :US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1963 :1st 200 meter freestyle swum under 2 minutes (Don Schollander 1:58)
1963 :John Pennel is 1st to pole-vault 17
1964 :2nd Mayor's Trophy Game, Yanks beat Mets 6-4
1966 :USSR launches Luna 11 for orbit around Moon
1967 :Liberian flag designed
1968 :France became world's 5th thermonuclear power, explodes on Mururoa
1968 :T M Smirnova discovers asteroid #6074
1969 :Peru nationalizes US oil interests
1970 :Bomb kills 1 at U of Wisconsin's Army Math Research Center in Madison
1971 :India beat England by 4 wickets, their win against the Poms
1972 :8th Mayor's Trophy Game, Yanks beat Mets 2-1
1972 :Dennis Amiss scores 1st one-day int century, 103 v Australia
1972 :Gordie Howe & Jean Beliveau inducted in Hockey Hall of Fame
1973 :John Adams & his drum - become a right-field fixture in Cleve Stadium
1974 :L I Chernykh discovers asteroids #3770, #4918 Rostropovich & #5359
1975 :Davey Lopes steals his 38th consecutive base, then thrown out stealing
1975 :Papadopoulos/Pattakos/Makarezos sentenced to death in Athens
1975 :SF Giant Ed Halick no-hits NY Giants, 6-0
1975 :Tampa Bay Rowdies beat Portland 2-0 for NASL cup
1976 :Soyuz 21 returns to Earth
1978 :USSR performs underground nuclear test
1979 :Cars play concert in NY Central Park
1979 :NFL fans (60,916) choose old Patriots logo over new
1979 :UN's Vienna office begins issuing postage stamps
1980 :Jozef Pinkovski replaces Poland premier Babiuch
1981 :American Charles Chapman is 1st black to swim English Channel
1981 :Mark David Chapman is sentenced to 20 yrs to life for Lennon's murder
1982 :KC's John Wathan steals 31st en route to 36 base for catcher's record
1983 :Cin Red Pete Rose ends consecutive games played streak at 745
1985 :Bulgarian National Observatory discovers asteroid #4400 Bagryana
1985 :N S Chernykh finds asteroid #4480 Nikitibotania, #4737 Kiladze & #8150
1985 :STS 51-I mission scrubbed at T -5m because of bad weather
1987 :Announcement of possible Martian tornadoes
1987 :S Singer-Brewster discovers asteroid #4555
1989 :British brewery Bass buys Holiday Inn hotel chain
1989 :Voyager 2 flies past Neptune
1990 :3,500 peacekeepers arrive in Liberia
1990 :H E Holt discovers asteroid #5963, #7286, #7521, #7577 & #8015
1990 :Iraqi troops surround US & other embassies in Kuwait City
1991 :Emmy Creative Arts Award presentation
1991 :Gorbachev resigns as head of USSR Communist Party
1991 :Silky Stallone, wins the Cane Pace at Yonkers Raceway
1991 :Taiwan captures its 15th Little League World Series, 11-0
1991 :Ukraine declares independence from USSR
1992 :1st structural steel beams are erected at Gateway (Jacobs Field)
1992 :Cleveland Browns suffer their worst preseason loss, 56-3, to Vikings
1992 :Hurricane Andrew hits South Florida; 35 die
1992 :Screw magazine superimposed a gunsight over a picture of Larry Flint
1993 :Mars Observer comes closest to Mars
1993 :Padres scores 14 in 1st vs Cardinals
1994 :Bank in education, health, taxation, social welfare & tourism
1994 :Israel & PLO initialed accord giving autonomy to Palestinians in West
1994 :Kieren Perkins swims world record 1500m free style (14:41.66)
1994 :Kieren Perkins swims world record 800m free style (7:46.00)
1995 :Fire that wipes 6,000 acres begins in Hamptons on Long Island
1995 :Windows 95 debuts
1997 :Gordon Spence discovers 2^2976221 - 1 (36th known Mersenne prime)



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