Historical Events and Current Affairs on February 6

1189 :Riots of Lynn in Norfolk spread to Norwich England
1508 :Maximilian I crowned Holy Roman Emperor
1577 :King Henri de Bourbon of Navarra becomes leader of Huguenots
1626 :Huguenot rebels & French sign Peace of La Rochelle
1651 :-7] Cardinal Mazarin flees Paris
1693 :Royal charter granted College of William & Mary, Williamsburg, Va
1716 :England & Netherlands renew alliance
1778 :England declares war on France
1778 :France recognizes US, signs treaty of aid in Paris; 1st US treaty
1788 :Mass becomes 6th state to ratify constitution
1815 :NJ issues 1st US railroad charter (John Stevens)
1819 :Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles founds freeport harbor Singapore
1820 :1st organized emigration of blacks back to Africa (NY to Sierra Leone)
1820 :US population announced at 9,638,453 (1,771,656 blacks (18.4%))
1832 :1st appearance of cholera at Edinburgh, Scotland
1832 :US ship destroys Sumatran village in retaliation for piracy
1836 :HMS Beagle/Charles Darwin reach Diemen's Land (Tasmania)
1840 :Waitangi Day; treaty signed between Britain & Maoris of NZ
1851 :Robert Schumann's 3rd Symphony "Rhenisch," premieres in Dsseldorf
1854 :Composer R Schumann is saved from suicide attempt into the Rhine
1861 :1st meeting of Provisional Congress of Confederate States of America
1861 :English Adm Robert Ritzroy issues 1st storm warnings for ships
1862 :Gen Ulysses S Grant captures Fort Henry in Tennessee
1862 :Naval Engagement at Tenn River-USS Conestago vs CSS Appleton Belle
1862 :Ulysses S Grant begins military campaign in Mississippi
1864 :-7] Skirmish at Barnett's Ford Virginia
1865 :2nd day of battle at Dabney's Mills (Hatcher's Run)
1865 :Robert E Lee appointed Confederate General in Chief
1867 :Peabody Fund forms to promote Black education in South
1869 :Harper's Weekly publishes 1st picture of Uncle Sam with chin whiskers
1891 :1st great train robbery by Dalton Gang (Southern Pacific #17)
1899 :Spanish-American War ends, peace treaty ratified by Senate
1900 :Battle at Vaalkrans, South-Africa (Boers vs British army)
1902 :Young Women's Hebrew Association organizes in NYC
1904 :Russian-Japanese war began
1911 :1st old-age home opened in Prescott, Ariz
1911 :Great fire destroys downtown Constantinople/Istanbul Turkey
1918 :Britain grants women (30 & over) vote
1919 :1st day of 5-day Seattle general strike
1920 :Saarland administrated by League of Nations
1921 :"The Kid," starring Charlie Chaplin & Jackie Coogan, released
1922 :Cardinal Achille Ratti elected Pope Pius XI
1922 :US, UK, France, Italy & Japan sign Washington naval arms limitation
1926 :NFL rules college students ineligible until college classes graduates
1926 :St Louis Browns acquire catcher Wally Schang from NY Yankees
1929 :Rudy Vallee recorded "Deep Night"
1932 :1st Olympic dog sled race, Lake Placid, NY (demonstration sport)
1932 :Fascist coup in the Memel territory
1933 :-90F (-68C), Oymyakon, USSR (Asian record)
1933 :112' ocean wave observed near Manila
1933 :20th amendment (terms of office) passed
1933 :20th Amendment goes into effect: Pres term begins in Jan not March
1933 :Highest recorded sea wave (not tsunami), 34 m, in Pacific hurricane
1933 :Pres von Hindenburg & von Papen end Prussian parliament
1934 :Reds purchase 43-year-old Dazzy Vance from the Cards for $7,500
1935 :"Monopoly" board game goes on sale for 1st time
1935 :1st election to allow women to vote in Turkey
1936 :4th Winter Olympic games open in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany
1936 :Pravda criticizes Shostakovitch' ballet "Clear Brook"
1937 :K Elizabeth Ohi becomes 1st Japanese-US female lawyer
1938 :#1477 Bonsdorffia & #1478 Vihuri
1938 :Y Vaisala discovers asteroids #1462 Zamenhof, #1463 Nordenmarkia,
1939 :Spanish govt flees to France
1941 :Auke Adema wins 6th official Dutch 11 Cities Skating Race (9:19)
1941 :Battle of Beda Fomm: Italian 10th army destroyed
1941 :British troops conquer Bengazi, Libya
1943 :1st Spitfire in action above Darwin, Australia, Mu Ki-46 shot down
1943 :Singer Frank Sinatra debuts on radio's "Your Hit Parade"
1945 :8th Air Force bombs Magdeburg/Chemnitz
1945 :Russian Red Army crosses the river Oder
1946 :"Lute Song" opens at Plymouth Theater NYC for 142 performances
1948 :1st radio-controlled airplane flown
1948 :KNXT (now KCBS) TV channel 2 in Los Angeles, CA (CBS) 1st broadcast
1951 :"Broker Special" train crashes in Woodbridge NJ, killing 84
1951 :Argonne Atomic Lab (Ill), to demonstrate lax in security
1951 :Radio commentator Paul Harvey arrested for trying to sneak into
1951 :US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1952 :England replaces King George VI stamp series with Queen Elizabeth II
1953 :US controls on wages & some consumer goods were lifted
1956 :Chicago's Daily Defender, begins publishing
1956 :French premier Guy Mollet pelted with tomatoes in Algiers
1956 :U of Alabama refuses admission to Autherine Lucy (because he's black)
1958 :7 members on Manchester United football team die in an air crash
1958 :Ted Williams signs with Red Sox for $135,000, making him highest paid
1959 :1st successful test-fire of Titan ICBM
1959 :Fidel Castro is interviewed by Edward R Murrow
1961 :"Jail, No Bail" Jail-in movement starts in Rock Hill SC
1961 :KOAP TV channel 10 in Portland, OR (PBS) begins broadcasting
1962 :Schoolman Athletic Field in the Bronx named
1964 :"Rugantino" opens at Mark Hellinger Theater NYC for 28 performances
1964 :France & Great-Britain sign accord over building channel tunnel
1964 :WCIU TV channel 26 in Chicago, IL (IND) begins broadcasting
1965 :"Kelly" opens & closes at Broadhurst Theater NYC
1965 :Righteous Brothers "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'" hits #1
1967 :Cultural Revolution in Albania
1967 :Heavyweight Cassius Clay beats Ernie Terrell in Houston
1967 :Muhammad Ali TKOs Ernie Terrell in 15 for heavyweight boxing title
1968 :10th Winter Olympic games opens in Grenoble, France
1968 :Dutch 2nd Chamber condemns US bombing of North Vietnam
1968 :Former Pres Dwight Eisenhower shot a hole-in-one
1968 :KESD TV channel 8 in Brookings, SD (PBS) begins broadcasting
1968 :L Chernykh discovers asteroids #1772 Gagarin & #1890 Konoshenkova
1969 :"Dear World" opens at Mark Hellinger Theater NYC for 132 performances
1969 :Jerry Herman's "Dear World," premieres in NYC
1970 :Graeme Pollock completes 274 v Australia at Durban
1970 :NBA expands to 18 teams with Buffalo, Cleveland, Houston & Portland
1973 :"Shelter" opens at John Golden Theater NYC for 31 performances
1973 :40,000 civil servants demonstrate against higher pension contribution
1973 :6th ABA All-Star Game: West 123 beats East 111 at Utah
1973 :Bernice Fekete skips her curling rink to 2nd straight 8-ender, Edm
1974 :3rd time Rangers shut-out Islanders 6-0
1974 :Dutch speed limit set at 100km due to oil crisis
1974 :US House of Reps begins determining grounds for impeachment of Nixon
1975 :US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1976 :George Harrison releases "This Guitar (Can't Keep From Crying)"
1977 :4th time Rangers shut-out Islanders 4-0
1977 :Alain Prieur jumps his motorcycle 65 m over 16 buses, near Paris
1977 :Harley Race beats Terry Funk in Toronto, to become NWA wrestling champ
1978 :Muriel, wife of late Hubert Humphrey (Sen-D-Minn) takes his office
1978 :Snowstorm hits New England, parts of RI (54" (137cm))
1979 :Supreme court of Lahore affirms death sentence against premier Bhutto
1981 :"Brady Brides," debuts on NBC TV
1981 :Beatles McCartney, Starr & Harrison record a tribute to John Lennon
1981 :N Thomas discovers asteroids #2779 Mary, #2999 Dante & #3352 McAuliffe
1981 :Suleiman Nyambui runs world record 5k indoor (13:20.4)
1982 :"Centerfold" by J Geils Band hit #1 on pop chart
1983 :13th NFL Pro Bowl: NFC beats AFC 20-19
1984 :E Bowell discovers asteroids #3316 Herzberg, 3506 French & 5553 Chodas
1984 :Moslem militiamen take over West Beirut from Lebanese army
1986 :NJ Devil Peter McNab becomes 42nd NHLer to score 350 goals
1987 :No-smoking rules take effect in federal buildings
1987 :US female Figure Skating championship won by Jill Trenary
1988 :USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
1989 :Lech Walesa begins negotiating with Polish govt
1990 :Brett Hull becomes 1st son of NHL 50 goal scorer (Bobby) to score 50
1990 :Ground breaking begins on Baltimore Orioles' new $102 million stadium
1990 :Night At The Opera" in 9 minutes & 58.44 seconds backwards!
1990 :Steve Briers of Wales recited the entire lyrics of Queen's album "A
1991 :Mousey Davis becomes 1st coach of NY-NJ Knights
1992 :"Late Night's 10th Anniversary Show At Radio City Music Hall" on NBC
1993 :44th NHL All-Star Game: Wales beat Campbell 16-6 at Montreal
1993 :Riddick Bowe TKOs Michael Dokes in 1 for heavyweight boxing title
1994 :"Government Inspector" closes at Lyceum Theater NYC after 37 perfs
1994 :Jos Maria Figueres elected president of Costa Rica
1994 :Leonid Voloshin triple jumps world record 17.77m
1994 :Martti Ahtisaari elected president of Finland
1994 :NFL Pro Bowl: NFC beats AFC 17-3
1995 :Beachboy Brian Wilson wed Melinda Ledbetter
1995 :Darryl Strawberry suspended from baseball for 60 days
1996 :Heidi Fleiss scheduled to begin her 7 year jail sentence
1997 :Diane Blood, 32, in England, won right to use her dead husbands sperm
1998 :Mary Kay LeTourneau, 36, former teacher, who violated probation by
1998 :seeing 14 year old father of her baby, sentenced to 7 years
1998 :Twins trade Chuck Knoblauch to NY Yankees for $3M & 4 minor leaguers



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