Deaths on January 5

1066 :Edward de Belijder, the Confessor, king of England (1043-66), dies
1387 :Pedro IV, king of Aragon/conqueror of Sicily, dies at 67
1425 :John of Bavaria/Bayern, liege of Holland/Zealand/Dordrecht, poisoned
1477 :Charles, the Bold, duke of Burgundy/writer, dies at 43
1524 :Marko Marulic/Marulus/Splichanin/Pecinich, Croatian poet, dies at 73
1589 :Catherine de' Medici, Queen mother of France, dies at 69
1592 :Willem II, Duke of Gulik/Kleef/Gelre, dies at about 75
1595 :Ercole Procaccini, Italian painter, dies
1603 :Pieter Adriaansz van der Werff, mayor of Lead, dies at 73
1684 :Claude Audran II, French painter/engraver, dies at 44
1740 :Antonio Lotti, Italian opera composer, dies at about 72
1746 :Anton Simon Ignaz Praelisauer, composer, dies at 53
1759 :Thomas-Philippe et de Boussu, S Neth cardinal, dies at 79
1762 :Elisabeth Petrovna, tsarina of Russia (1741-62), dies at 52 [NS]
1783 :Friedrich Wilhelm Reidt, composer, dies on 73rd birthday
1788 :Johann Schneider, composer, dies at 85
1796 :Samuel Huntington, US judge (signed Decl of Independence), dies at 64
1799 :Mohammed Esad Galib Dede, Turkish poet (Hsn- asjk, dies at about 41
1807 :Michel Adanson, French biologist (Plant classes), dies at 79
1814 :Johann Gottfried Krebs, composer, dies at 72
1827 :Frederick of York, English duke/bishop/general, dies at 63
1848 :Ferdinando Orlandi, composer, dies at 73
1856 :Pierre J David, [David d'Angers], French sculptor, dies at 67
1858 :Johann JWAFK Radetzky von Radetz, Austr earl/field marshal, dies at 91
1860 :St John Nepomucene Neumann, 1st male US saint, dies
1862 :Joseph Frohlich, composer, dies at 81
1888 :Henri Herz, composer, dies at a day before 85th birthday
1891 :Guillaume L Baud, Dutch minister of Colonies (1848-49), dies at 89
1904 :Karl A von Zittel, German geologist/paleontologist (Libya), dies at 64
1922 :Ernest H Shackleton, Brit South pole explorer (Endurance), dies at 47
1933 :Calvin Coolidge, 30th President (1923-29), dies in Mass at 60
1936 :Ramn M del Valle-Incl n, playwright (Tirano banderas), dies at 66
1940 :Tina Modotti, [Maria del Carmen], Ital/Mexican communist, dies at 46
1942 :Yves Paringaux, French chief of staff, murdered
1943 :George Washington Carver, famous black scientist, dies at 81
1944 :Adolph Goldschmidt, German/Swiss art historian, dies at 80
1945 :Dezs Szab, Hungarian writer (Wiped-out Village), dies at 65
1951 :Andrei P Platonov, Russian author (Prok, Kotlovan), dies at 51
1952 :Nawab of Pataudi, cricket (play polo 3 Tests for Eng 3 for Ind), dies
1952 :Victor Alexander John Hope, viceroy of India (1936-43), dies at 64
1956 :Jeanne F Bourgeois, French head mistress (Moulin Rouge), dies at 84
1960 :Donald Knight, cricketer (54 runs in 2 Tests for England 1921), dies
1960 :Pavel P Parenago, Russia, cosmonaut, dies at 53
1963 :Rogers Hornsby, baseball player, dies of a heart ailment at 66
1965 :Neil Craig, actor (Calling Dr Kildare), dies at 73
1965 :Paul Arntzenius, painter/graphic artist/etcher, dies at 81
1966 :George Duckworth, cricketer (24 Tests for England, ct 45 stp 15), dies
1968 :Jean Murat, actor (On the Riviera), dies at 79
1969 :Franz T Csokor, Austria author (Gottes General), dies at 83
1969 :Tom Aherne, actor (Hustler, April Fools), dies of influenza in NY
1970 :Joseph A Yablonski, candidate for United Mine Workers pres, murdered
1970 :Max Born, German/British physicist (Nobel 1954), dies at 87
1970 :Roberto Gerhard, composer, dies at 73
1971 :Sonny Liston, World Champ hw boxer (1962-64), found dead at 36
1973 :Cornelis van Dis, Dutch MP (SGP), dies at 79
1974 :Roy Bargy, orch leader (Jimmy Durante Show), dies at 79
1975 :Don Wilson, pitcher (Astro), dies at 29 of carbon monoxide poisoning
1976 :Georges E Migot, French composer, dies at 84
1977 :Onslow Stevens, actor (Mr Fisher-This is the Life), dies at 74
1979 :Charles Mingus, US jazz bassist/composer/orchestra leader, dies at 56
1981 :Harold C Urey, US chemist (Deuterium, Nobel 1934), dies at 87
1981 :Paul Flix, Flemish architect (Song of the Sun), dies at 67
1982 :Hans Conried, actor (Bullwinkle Show, Make Room for Daddy), dies at 64
1982 :Harvey Lembeck, actor (Phil Silvers, Hathaways), dies at 56
1987 :Margaret Laurence, Canadian author, dies at 60
1988 :"Pistol Pete" Mavarich, NBAer (Atlanta), dies of a heart attack at 40
1990 :Arthur Kennedy, actor (Air Force), dies of a brain tumor at 76
1990 :Bart LaRue, entertainer, dies
1991 :John Eckhardt, actor born without legs (Freaks), dies at 82
1991 :Marie Madeline Sullivan, actress (Elvira Mistress of Dark), dies at 80
1991 :Vasko Popa, Serbian WW II-partisan/poet (Sporedno Nebo), dies at 68
1993 :George L George, Russian/US journalist/director/producer, dies at 85
1993 :Henk Knol, Suriname MP (PvdA), dies at 61
1993 :Jennifer Raine Bissell, daughter of Alan Napier, dies 60
1993 :Juan Benet Goitia, Spanish writer (Herrumbrosas Lanzas), dies at 65
1993 :Klaas Wiersma, Dutch sec of Justice (VVD), dies
1993 :Leonce Gras, Flemish singer/conductor, dies at 84
1993 :Nyamuisi Muvingi, Zaire minister of Culture, murdered
1993 :Ronnie Welsh, actor (Patterns), dies of brain cancer at 52
1993 :Westley A Dodd, US murderer, 1st hanging in US since 1965
1994 :Brian Johnston, cricketer (BBC radio commentator for 40 yrs), dies
1994 :Louis R J Ridder van Rappard, Dutch mayor of Zoelen, dies at 87
1994 :Thomas P "Tip" O'Neill, (D-Ma)/Speaker of House (1977-86), dies at 81
1994 :Victor van Os, Dutch jazz guitarist, dies at 39
1994 :William Raynor, writer, dies at 73
1995 :Francis Lopez, Fren dentist/operetta composer (Andalousie), dies at 78
1995 :Mansour Satari, brig-gen/commandant (Iran Air Force), dies at 46
1995 :Yahya Ayyash, PLO bomb maker, booby trapped cellular phone at 28
1996 :Jay Morris Arena, inventor/pediatrician, dies at 86
1996 :Joseph Daniel White, singer/bandleader, dies at 84
1996 :Lincoln Kirstein, ballet administrator, dies at 88
1996 :Richard Versaille, tenor, dies at 63
1997 :Andre Franquin, cartoonist, dies at 72
1998 :Georgi Sviridov, composer, dies at 82
1998 :Sonny Bono, (Rep-R-Ca)/singer (Sonny & Cher), dies skiing at 62



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