Historical Events and Current Affairs on May 12

1082 :Battle at Mailberg: Vratislav II of Bohemia beats Leopold II of Austr
1215 :English barons serve ultimatum on king John without Country
1328 :Louis IV de Beier selects P Rainalducci as anti-Pope Nicolaas V
1459 :Sun City India founded by Rao Jodhpur
1525 :Battle at B”blingen: Zwabische Union beats rebel Wrttembergse farmers
1534 :Wrttemberg becomes Lutherian
1551 :San Marcos University in Lima Peru, opens
1588 :Catholic League under duke Henri de Guise occupies Paris
1604 :Spanish garrison of Aardenburg surrenders to Mauritius
1640 :Uprising against Spanish king Philip IV
1641 :Prince Willem II (14) marries Engl princess Henriette Mary Stuart (9)
1689 :England & Netherlands form League of Augsburg
1695 :English king Willem III departs to Netherlands
1701 :Drenthe adopts Gregorian calendar (yesterday is 4/29/1701)
1733 :Maria Theresa crowned queen of Bohemia in Prague
1776 :Turgot, French minister of Finance, resigns
1777 :1st ice cream advertisement (Philip Lenzi-NY Gazette)
1780 :British troops occupy Charleston, South Carolina
1780 :Charleston, SC falls to British (Revolutionary War)
1789 :later becomes an infamous group of NYC political bosses
1789 :Society of St Tammany is formed by Revolutionary War soldiers. It
1792 :Toilet that flushes itself at regular intervals is patented
1832 :Gaetano Donizetti's opera "L'elisir d'amore," premieres in Milan
1835 :Charles Darwin visits copper mines in North Chile
1849 :Willem Alexander PFL crowned king Willem III in Amsterdam
1862 :Federal troops occupies Baton Rouge Louisiana
1863 :Battle of Raymond, Miss
1864 :Battle of Drewry's Bluff, VA (Ft Darling)
1864 :Battle of Spotsylvania Courthouse, Virginia
1864 :Battle of Todd's Tavern, VA (Sheridan's Raid)
1864 :Butler attacks Drewry's Bluff on James River
1864 :US Union colonel Emory Upton (24) promoted to brigade-general
1865 :Last land action of Civil war at Palmito Ranch, Texas
1870 :Manitoba becomes a province of Canada
1871 :Segregated street cars integrated in Louisville, Ky
1874 :US Assay Office in Helena, Montana authorized
1875 :1st recorded shutout in pro baseball, Chicago 1, St Louis 0
1877 :Ottawa Rough Riders 1st outside competition vs Britannia
1881 :France sign treaty of protection with Tunisia colony
1881 :Treaty of Bardo, Tunis becomes a French protectorate
1885 :Battle of Batoche, French Canadians rebel against Canada
1888 :Crouching start 1st used by Charles Sherrill of Yale
1890 :Louisiana legalized prize fighting
1891 :Riot against tax increase in Paramaribo Suriname
1894 :Ludwig Englander's musical "Passing Show," premieres in NYC
1897 :1800-1900 year old fossil of "girl of Yde" found in Drente Neth
1897 :Battle at Thessali‰: Turkish army beats Greece
1898 :designed to eliminate black voters
1898 :Louisiana adopts new constitution with "grandfather clause"
1900 :Boer attack under Sarel Eloff, about 70 killed
1900 :Lord Roberts' troops occupies Crown city
1901 :Pres McKinley visits SF
1908 :George Bernard Shaws' "Getting Married," premieres in London
1908 :Wireless Radio Broadcasting is patented by Nathan B Stubblefield
1910 :2nd NAACP conference (NYC)
1910 :Phil A's Chief Bender no-hits Cleveland Indians, 4-0
1915 :Croatians plunder Armenia, killing 250
1915 :Franklin K Mathiews, presents idea of "Book Week"
1919 :Yanks & Senators play 2nd straight extra inning tie, 4-4 in 15
1921 :National Hospital Day 1st observed
1924 :7th PGA Championship: Walter Hagen at French Lick CC Ind
1925 :Uzbekistan & Kirgizistan become autonomous Soviet republics
1926 :Airship Norge is 1st vessel to fly over North Pole
1926 :British general strike ends
1926 :Dmitri Sjostakovitch's 1st Symphony, premieres in Leningrad
1926 :Gen Pilsudski sets coup on premier Witos compared
1926 :Umberto Nobile flies airship over North Pole
1928 :Mussolini ends woman's rights in Italy
1928 :Opium laws enforced
1929 :Pulitzer prize awarded to Julia Peterkin (Scarlet Sister Mary)
1930 :Pulitzer prize awarded to Marc Connelly (Green Pastures)
1932 :Body of kidnapped son of Charles Lindbergh is found in Hopewell NJ
1932 :Goofy, aka Dippy Dawg, 1st appears in 'Mickey's Revue' by Walt Disney
1933 :Administration form to help the needy & farmers
1933 :Federal Emergency Relief Administration & Agricultural Adjustment
1936 :Ralph Vaughan Williams' "Poisoned Kiss," premieres in London
1937 :George VI crowned King of England
1937 :St Louis Cards beat Phila Phillies, 15-3
1938 :Sandoz Labs manufactures LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide)
1940 :French mariners occupy St Maarten
1940 :German tanks conquer Moerdijkbrug
1940 :Nazi blitz conquest of France began by crossing Muese River
1941 :Great British convoy marches into Alexandria
1942 :1,500 Jews gassed in Auschwitz
1942 :David Ben-Gurion leaves Jewish state in Palestine
1942 :Nazi U-boat sinks American cargo ship at mouth of Mississippi River
1942 :Russia occupies Crackow, until Aug 23, 1943
1943 :Axis forces in North Africa surrender
1943 :British premier Winston Churchill arrives in US
1943 :German troops in Tunisia North Africa surrender
1944 :900+ 8th Air Force bombers attack Zwikau, Bohlen & Brx
1944 :Krim purged of nazi troops
1944 :Secret Police arrest Gerrit Van de Peat
1948 :Queen Wilhelmina resigns
1949 :1st foreign woman ambassador received in US (S V L Pandit India)
1949 :West begins Berlin Airlift to get supplies around Soviet blockade
1950 :Darius Milhauds opera "Bolivar," premieres in Paris
1951 :1st H Bomb test, on Enewetak Atoll
1952 :Charlton Playground named in Bronx
1953 :KUHT TV channel 8 in Houston, TX (PBS) begins broadcasting
1955 :Chicago Cub Sam Jones is 1st black to pitch no-hitter (Pirates, 4-0)
1956 :Bkln Dodger Carl Erskine's 2nd no-hitter, beats NY Giants, 3-0
1956 :East Pakistan struck by cyclone & tidal waves
1958 :US performs atmospheric nuclear test at Enwetak
1959 :"Nervous Set" opens at Henry Miller's Theater NYC for 23 performances
1959 :Liz Taylor's 4th marriage (Eddie Fisher)
1960 :Elvis Presley appears on a Frank Sinatra special
1962 :Grevelingendam closes
1962 :US performs atmospheric nuclear test at Christmas Island
1963 :Bob Dylan walks off Ed Sullivan Show
1963 :Race riot in Birmingham Alabama
1964 :Manlio Brosio chosen as sec-gen of NATO
1965 :Israel & West Germany exchange letters beginning diplomatic relations
1966 :St Louis' Busch Stadium opens, Braves lose to Cards 4-3 in 12 inns
1967 :H Rap Brown replaces Stokely Carmichael as chairman of Student
1967 :Nonviolent Coordinating Committee
1967 :Provo disbands in Neth
1968 :"March of Poor" under rev Abernathy reach Washington, DC
1968 :WSKG TV channel 46 in Binghamton, NY (PBS) begins broadcasting
1969 :Kenneth H Wallis achieved record speed for an autogiro-179 KPH
1970 :Ernie Banks hits his 500th home run
1970 :Harry A Blackmun is confirmed as a justice on Supreme Court
1970 :KTVM TV channel 6 in Butte, MT (NBC/ABC) begins broadcasting
1970 :Race riots in Augusta Georgia; 6 blacks killed (5 by cops)
1970 :US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1971 :Rolling Stone Mick Jagger weds Bianca Macias at St Tropez Town Hall
1972 :Milwaukee Brewers beat Minn Twins, 4-3, in 22 innings (completed 5/13)
1972 :Paul McCartney & Wings release "Mary Had a Little Lamb"
1975 :US merchant ship Mayaguez seized by Cambodian forces
1977 :1st quadrophonic concert (Pink Floyd in London)
1977 :Emmy 4th Daytime Award presentation
1978 :Commerce Dept says hurricane names will no longer be only female
1979 :Chris Evert's 125-match winning streak on clay comes to an end
1980 :1st nonstop crossing of US via balloon (Maxie Anderson & son Chris)
1981 :"Lena Horne: Lady, Music" opens at Nederlander NYC for 333 perfs
1981 :Isles tie own rec with 2 shorthanded playoff goals in a pd vs Minn
1982 :In Fatima Portugal, a Spanish priest with a bayonet is stopped prior
1982 :Pulitzer prize awarded to John Updike (Rabbit is Rich)
1982 :to his attempt to attack Pope John Paul II
1982 :US Football League forms
1983 :Julie Lynne Hayek, (California), crowned 32nd Miss USA
1983 :Oilers 3-Isles 6-Stanley Cup-Isles hold 2-0 lead
1984 :Discovery moves to Vandenberg AFB for mating of STS 41-D
1984 :France performs nuclear test
1984 :Joe Lucius scored his 13th hole-in-one on same hole
1984 :S Afr prisoner Nelson Mandela sees his wife for 1st time in 22 years
1984 :World of Rivers world exposition opens in New Orleans
1985 :Amy Eilberg is ordained in NY as 1st woman Conservative rabbi
1986 :Bicycle is pedaled 65 mph
1986 :Fred Markham (US), unpaced & unaided by wind, is 1st to pedal 65 mph
1986 :on a level course, Big Sand Flat, Calif
1986 :President Reagan appoints Dr James C Fletcher NASA Administrator
1988 :"Carrie" opens at Virginia Theater NYC for 5 performances
1989 :"Entertainment Tonight" performs their 2,000th TV performance
1989 :Last graffiti covered NYC subway car retired
1989 :Retired Brit pilot Jack Mann is kidnapped by Islamic fundamentalists
1990 :3rd time Saturday Night Live uses time delay (Andrew Dice Clay hosts)
1990 :Andrew "Dice" Clay's hosting
1990 :Comic Relief '90 (4th one) raises $4.7 million
1990 :Nora Dunn & Sinead O'Connor boycott Saturday Night Live to protest
1991 :A new cancer drug is announced, which can only be found in bark of a
1991 :rare tree in the Pacific Northwest
1992 :1st Belgian woman (Ingrid Baeyens) to ascend Mount Everest
1993 :Final episode of 6 year run of ABC's "Wonder Years" in Netherlands
1993 :Last broadcast of "Cheers" on NBC-TV
1993 :Last broadcast of "Knots landing" on CBS
1994 :WIBC Bowling Queens won by Anne Marie Duggan
1995 :Dow Jones for 5th straight day of the week sets a new record (4430.59)
1995 :Jose Mesa gets 1st of his M.L. record 37 consecutive saves
1996 :"Inherit the Wind" closes at Royale Theater NYC after 45 performances
1996 :"Night of the Iguana" closes at Criterion Theater NYC after 68 perfs
1996 :42nd McDonald's LPGA Championship won by Laura Davies
1996 :Yankees losing 8-0 to Chicago White Sox, come back to win 9-8
1997 :14 North Koreans defect to South Korea
1997 :Angels scores 13 in 7th vs White Sox
1997 :Russia & Chechnya sign peace deal after 400 years of conflict
1997 :Susie Maroney, 22, of Australia, is 1st to swim from Cuba to Florida
1997 :Tornado narrowly misses downtown Miami
2002 :Patna bound Shramheevi Express derails - 12 killed



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